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A guide to generating more leads and increase web conversion.

It has been far to long since the power shifts in the internet have favored marketers instead of the consumers. It seems as though the consumer has power to avoid whatever they choose to avoid. The for marketers doesn’t lie in how to get peoples attention it lies in how to keep their attention once we have managed to obtain it.

Fist and foremost we must understand that it is not our field alone to play in anymore. The internet and its advances have made many things available to the regular consumer. One of the most over looked things is information. Before marketing was straight forward you would just use a nice shiny button that said “free ______” and that was all it took to get an email. Now most consumers can easily identify those call to actions as a call to nothing more than spam.

Get ready to get mad, as we flip this 180 degrees on you. Call to actions and many other forms of marketing still work. You can still ask for newsletter subscriptions and offer eBooks. You just need to be conscious of how you react to all the spam you do not wish to receive when you are a consumer browsing the web. One really obvious tip is simply do not use pop ups! With the exception: Only use pop ups if you are offering your visitors far more value within the pop up than they would be able to get from just browsing your page.Otherwise that is the simple most fastest way to get flagged by your visitors as spam.

Make sure to put all your important info in all the right spots. You want people to recognize your brand so you put it in the top left. Then the most common place for people to look is the top right. So you can place an offer or subscription link there. According to studies done most people skip over a lot of content on pages and look at certain key points. You can easily find this research if you google it.

If you run a blog then you might do well to make inline links instead of a big call to action at the end of a post. If you post about a product deal or a new product that people want to get there hands on, if you drop an inline link after every couple of paragraphs you are effectively giving your audience what they want. Try to split test a couple of your post and you will be astounded by the difference in conversion.

If you want to go a step further with this, you can always offer more value by creating giveaways. If you aren’t aware most people have recently turned to giveaways to create links and also to really increase the value that there audience receives from giving up there email address. Just make sure that if you are going to do giveaways, do not offer things in the giveaway that you would normally offer for free anyways. The more value you offer in a giveaway the more engagement you can expect. Its pretty straight forward.

Apart from this list, we hope that it is obvious that you must already have an understanding of how to optimize your site and social media properties for your target audience.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Marketing StrategyEmail Marketing Isn’t Dead

Email marketing is taken for granted in this fast advancing tech world. It is seen as outdated and more trendy mediums such as social media have become increasingly accepted. For most marketers email marketing is a medium that is considered dead.

The reality couldnt be further from the truth. It is due to all the new mediums of communication that email marketing has been able to remain king. On average it takes five to eight interactions before any prospects officially becomes a lead. The utilization of social media helps speed up the process. In particular video, retains and helps establish more interaction when used correctly.

As marketing platforms facebook and twitter have shown to be effective in conjunction with email. As standalone marketing platforms email has shown to be 40 times more effective than facebook and twitter. If this isn’t enough to get you to reconsider using email, then consider that the conversion rate for email exceeds that of search engines and social combined.

So you might be wondering, if email marketing isn’t dead, how come email marketing hasn’t worked for me? To put it simply, it is because email marketing has changed. There is still core principles that hold true to this powerful form of marketing, but you must know how to build on them. In order to be successful, im sure you have already guessed it. You need to use social media. One important principle of any type of marketing is to always have a sales funnel. Social platforms can help automate and expidite the first fews steps of your sales funnel. They get attention, build interest and allow you to offer value, all while giving you very important analytics.

If you are still thinking but how do I know email marketing works?Stayed tuned as we aim to keep you posted on beginner guides and important events pertaining to email marketing. For them time being search away on the web or check back for our next installment (usefull tools and sites for Marketing).