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Marketing is a term that is used a lot and a term that is most likely misused. It didn’t use to be an established industry. It was merely a means for a business to convey a message to its intended audience. A message about the value of their products or services in most cases. As time has passed the means to communicate this message has changed. I know what this sounds like but, I assure you this isn’t going to be some long, boring history lesson. Simple put marketing is an ever evolving industry. At one point marketing was done by word of mouth at another through radio, television and so on. A lot of these older forms of marketing still exists. The problems is that they just do not produce results anymore.

Old School Businesses

Without getting into statistics or anything to technical I think it is safe to say that most of the marketing community knows that Internet Marketing is really where all the money is. The problem is that most older business owners do not know this. They are set in there ways and deny change within their business. Even if everybody around them has moved on. This creates an opportunity and somebody is always willing to meet the demand. When it comes to marketing there is plenty of unethical marketers and advertisers that will jump at the chance at making money without actually offering value to a business. We don’t want to name any names but we think its pretty fair to say nobody is looking out their car windows while driving. Sadly enough they’re looking at their phones. We also think it’s fair to say nobody is spending their free time reading a big yellow book. They’re spending it on their phones. Are you starting to see a pattern.

Internet Marketing

Marketing has always been about appealing to your audience where ever they willing invest their attention. Therefore the current major platform for marketing is the internet. Although this might seem obvious to some people, we happen to think people know very little about how to use the internet for marketing. The thing about the internet is that things can and usually do change very fast. This is also the reason behind why the phrase “email marketing is dead” came about. Although the internet changes fast, human do not. Just like the old school business owner is slow to change, so is everyone else. As consumer we still react to the same basic core principals that have always worked in marketing. If you are know to marketing, once you get the principles down, the only thing left is staying ahead of internet trends.

Content Marketing
One major form of Marketing that works, is content marketing. If you went ahead and thought about what does everyone look at when they are on there phones its probably social media. This means you already know where people are investing their time. The next step is understanding the social platforms. If you can not think of a way to make money after understand the platform, your audience, and how to engage with your audience, I don’t know what to say. You may be looking for a straight forward answer, there is no such thing. The possible ways to leverage social media content are endless. There are infinite amount of example on social platforms of how to go about marketing on said platforms. Some basic advice, if you don’t already have accounts on all major platforms, create some.

Content marketing tips

-test out Facebook ads (they provide good analytics)

-research hashtags and posting times

-check broken back links on blogs (to those motivated you will find this to be a great tool)


Search Engine Optimization

Another form of marketing that is definitely working and as long as search engines exist will remain profitable. As the name suggest this one has more to do with search engines instead of content. That last statement is debatable. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing a website to rank highly in search engines. In order to do this you might actually have to deal with content. There is no real way to avoid putting my foot in my mouth when it comes to SEO. This is a field where 99% of the people who are part of it know absolutely nothing about what they are talking. The least we can say is after getting to meet some of these SEOs in person we have come away with some tips. It wont be a list. Just simply, study the websites of all the keywords you want to rank for and one up them by getting better links to your site. Should be simple enough, right? If you wish to know more about SEO we will direct you to a group of SEO experts that I recently meet. At MOEs we always put Email above all else, well at they put SEO above all else. They are very knowledgeable about all the latest trends in internet marketing, or as the head over at EclatSEO calls it “digital marketing”.  They might not be open to letting you have all their secrets but its worth a try to get a better understanding.

What About Email Marketing?

Yes we know that we haven’t mentioned email yet. Well the truth is, we wanted to save the best for last. That and there isn’t much to say. Email Marketing is still the most profitable form around and when used in conjunction with these other methods it yields incredible results. We simple see everything else as a tool or some form of soft open before we let the emails do their magic. So to answer the question, “what about email marketing?” you mean that cash cow form of marketing? What about it?

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